First edition

Digital archiving and networks

Tunis, October 19 and 20, 2016

The Research Unit: Digital Library and heritage valorization at the Higher Institute of Documentation (University of Manouba, Tunisia) and the PARAGRAPH Laboratory (University Paris 8, France) Co-organizing the 1st edition of CIBAHN symposium on " Digital archiving and networks.


For its first edition, the symposium ISLADH (Libraries and Archives in the era of digital humanities) will be held from 19 to 20 October 2016 under the theme "Digital archiving and networks"

Bringing together researchers from all backgrounds, the first edition of this symposium will be a space for exchange and valorization of research in the field of records management, specifically those on the transformations of the archivist to era of the social Web.

In this new virtual reality, the content of the public sphere are intertwined with those of the private sphere so that it is increasingly difficult to define with certainty the status of information objects conveyed by the web. In addition, the social web is full of new documentary genres to be studied in an interdisciplinary or even transdisciplinary in the aim of developing new models for acquiring, processing, preservation and implementation own value to the nature of digital content dynamic and protean.

Social networks seduced the organizational environments. Corporate blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc. become the new showcase organizations on the Web. Initially social networks are used as marketing tools, they disrupt today's report to information and create a new model of knowledge management and expertise in organizations. This "technologization" is supported by a "request" society that gives importance to instant access and often overlooked issues related to the preservation and long-term reuse of digital content. These include the product of organizational activities on the networks, with all that implies in matters related to law, ethics, protection of privacy, security and reliability to digital traces be retained.

Preserving the traces of activities whether personal or organizational conducted on the social web or via its tools represents a major challenge, and at many levels. Technically, archiving new documentary genres whose nature is hybrid and scalable requires new skills. Legal and ethical level, dealing with Web documents containing private data often requires new approaches and methods of capture, treatment and reuse.

We propose in this first edition of the symposium a general reflection on all these issues related to technological advances of dissemination, development and sustainability content in the era of digital humanities and their impact on the profession of the archivist on professional, cultural and social level.


The official languages are French and English

The themes of the contributions (not exhaustive):

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May 08, 2016:

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May 31, 2016:

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July 15, 2016:

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September 15, 2016:

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The conference will take place in Tunisia

Thegood texts will be proposed to be published by L'Harmattan (France).